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TriaElf9, January 20th, 2014, 7:12 am ( Reply )



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mjkj, January 20th, 2014, 7:22 am ( Reply )


Yeah, she is sooo cute and sooo in love and blushing sooo hard :p *hugs her*

TriaElf9, January 20th, 2014, 7:26 am ( Reply )

@mjkj: hehe, she's super fun to draw because of how sweet and cute she is ^_^

melaredblu, January 20th, 2014, 11:36 pm ( Reply )

Just out of curiosity, is theirs a political engagement (being as they're both royal) that just happens to be going along well, or is it an engagement by choice? I ask because the last couple seemed to be boyfriend and girlfriend as opposed to fiancees, and frankly, I don't think I've seen a same-sex arranged marriage in fiction before. Or in reality, now that I think of it. That might be an interesting angle to go for, though if it is arranged, they clearly have no problem with it.

Forgive me, I often look way too far into things. I'm a dork like that.

TriaElf9, January 21st, 2014, 12:12 am ( Reply )

@melaredblu: No no, that's a good question! In the history of Earth, same sex marriages are less common, but as this is a fantasy world and not our world, I didn't see why I couldn't have any kind of relationship ^_^ Celyse and Eten are actually fiances, but since their kingdoms are small and right next to each other, they grew up together and grew close, and so the marriage would be not only convenient, but also good for them b/c they actually love each other.

In Linne and Sasha's case, Linne is higher up in her Kingdom, and Sasha is a lesser princess of her kingdom, so Sasha is more marrying into Linne's family and life than anything. I haven't thought about every detail, it's all bits and pieces rolling around, but my other story that I want to start someday will have way more of that stuff planned out ^_^ This is just a short fun thing to test out the waters ^____^ It really is fun thinking about this stuff for sure@

hkmaly (Guest), January 21st, 2014, 5:01 am ( Reply )

@melaredblu: Generally, political engagements are supposed to produce heir to both sides. Still, I can easily imagine treaty so important details like the sides lacking descendants of opposite sex can't stop it (I mean, they expected some when the treaty was signed, but didn't have luck). Also, both magic and technology can produce child with two mothers.

TriaElf9, January 21st, 2014, 5:26 am ( Reply )

@hkmaly: Yup, magic and technology, you nailed it ^_^ Basically, this world is different from ours in most ways, and in this world, same sex marriages are pretty normal (like you said, important marriage, but you only have to girls, then there's only one option), and with magic in the mix, it's no problem to produce an heir if need be. And of course, if official, arranged marriages can be mixed, normal for love only marriages must be there as well ^_^

hkmaly (Guest), January 21st, 2014, 6:47 pm ( Reply )

I assure you this world is very similar to ours. The space is mostly three-dimensional and close to euclidean. The ratio between gravitation, electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force looks very close to ours, they have sun, stars, (BTW, how many moons?), temperature is so close they have water in liquid form - at least I suppose it's water ... there are even humanoid lifeforms there! (BTW, are they speaking English or are you translating? :))

Universe different from us in most ways would look different. Something like abstract art. Even in our own universe, places so similar to Earth are really hard to find.

TriaElf9, January 21st, 2014, 7:53 pm ( Reply )

@hkmaly: Well, obviously physics operates the same, it can't be totally removed, but I mean in the social ways it's different, plus magic, animals, etc. It's not an alien planet, and it's not meant to exist in our universe. It's similar, yes, but there are aspects that are very different. I think I miss worded in my first comment, I more meant that the way the world runs, socially, politically, those aspects are very different. Water and land and day and night, physics are all the same ^_^

Since this is a shorter story, I didn't fully develop everything, but I assume they're speaking whatever language they speak there. It's like how in One Piece the comic is in Japanese, but they clearly don't live in Japan.

hkmaly (Guest), January 22nd, 2014, 5:04 am ( Reply )

That's good, because if you have short story in world which have different physics, you can't really fit the plot inside as well, whole story will be spend showing the difference in physics. In fact, you can only have magic inside and not consuming whole story (or making it long) because there are so many other worlds with magic in other stories.

TriaElf9, January 22nd, 2014, 6:32 am ( Reply )

@hkmaly: exactly, you want to be unique, but not SO unique that you spend the whole time describing boring things ^_^

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