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TriaElf9, January 26th, 2014, 6:46 am ( Reply )

Waaait, ice? Wonder where that ice came from... ^_-

Enjoy! (it feels so terrible saying this when the characters are in such peril ^_^;; )

Advertisement, August 25th, 2019, 2:58 pm ( Reply )

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User Comments:

Leafy Savanna Chan, January 26th, 2014, 7:36 am ( Reply )

Okay I just want to say that the last face is AMAZING. Like, wow, so much anguish in that one expression. o_o
So, wait, now I'm thinking that Linne is the one who'll be taken away? Unless, of course, Linne is just being restrained so Sasha can be taken away more easily…
Guess I'll have to wait and see, huh.

Guest, January 26th, 2014, 7:48 am ( Reply )

@Leafy Savanna Chan: We already know (because of the annotation) that Sasha is the one to be taken away. So, Linne is being carefully restrained. The one doing it must pay lot of attention to not freeze her to death, crush her or break her neck ... also, considering the last panel, she either SEE Sasha being taken away or the attacker.

TriaElf9, January 26th, 2014, 8:23 am ( Reply )

@Leafy Savanna Chan: Thank you so much! I put a lot of feeling into that panel when I was drawing it ^_^;
It could go either way, but yeah, the cover and the description of the comic kinda give that part away, tho don't worry, there's plenty more to be revealed ^_^

Leafy Savanna Chan, January 26th, 2014, 11:46 am ( Reply )

@TriaElf9: Yeeeeah that was kind of a silly question and I realised it right after I asked. ^^"

TriaElf9, January 26th, 2014, 6:38 pm ( Reply )

@Leafy Savanna Chan: No no! Not silly ^_^ The chapter does kinda take a turn for it being either of them ^_^

mjkj, January 26th, 2014, 8:03 pm ( Reply )


Attack on their date...

Poor Linne and Sasha.

So, Sasha is now more or less defenceless...


TriaElf9, January 26th, 2014, 8:41 pm ( Reply )

@mjkj: eeyup, basically >_<

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